Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get Healthy Today!

A conversation between a fitness coach and a person who claims they want to get into shape and be healthier. DON”T BE STRIPED SHIRT GUY!!! GET HEALTHY TODAY!! Click the link below, Sign In for FREE, to start on your journey back to health and wellness.


Practice these habits and Guidelines on the assigned day to start.  Incorporate them as you can even if it is only one at a time.  Eventually, they will become daily habits automatically.  

By the yard it's hard, but by the inch it's a cinch.

Monday: Image that everyone you meet and interact with is smiling at you the entire time, even if they aren't.  

Tuesday: Give a sincere compliment to every person you meet today. (Include the one in the mirror.)  

Wednesday: Practice loving encouragement of others in anything they are doing, especially those who are not living up to your expectations. (This includes you.)  

Thursday: Ask sincere questions of how you may be able to help someone accomplish a mutual goal, listen fully, honor their input, and discover an action plan together. 

Friday: Take action to organize next week's work goals and polish off any remaining details of projects scheduled for today's completion.

Saturday: Change your deadlines into goal lines. You will succeed more often and not feel dead at the end of the project. It also encourages teamwork and challenging fun.

Sunday: Observe the natural phenomena such as weather, land formation, flora, fauna, and celebrate your relationship to the beauty and wonder of creation. Utilize what you encounter to its fullest advantage from flying a kite on a windy day to skiing the slopes or building a snowman in the snow.

Tough day: Imaging any tight spot in your body (especially your tummy) smiling a big warm smile while taking in and letting out a slow, deep, conscious breath. (Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised.)

prescribed by Dr. Robert L Groves, ND 

Fat to Fit

Five Easy Steps to Start Your Fitness Program Today!

We all have excuses for unhealthy behavior: too busy, too tired, rough week. But start your fitness journey now, and soon you’ll find exercise more gratifying than comfort food.
Now never seems like a good time to start making positive changes in our lives. Yet today is all we have. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is a day away.

So what can you do TODAY? Let’s spell it out.

  • T: Tell everyone you know that you are going to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This adds to your motivation: When you share your goals with others, you won’t want to let them down.

  • O: Organize a team of supporters. Consider your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, gym members, and even your doctor. Having folks in your corner to encourage you will help you through the plateaus we all hit on the road to better fitness.

  • D: Decide how much weight you need to lose, how many minutes each day you will exercise, and how many calories you will consume each day. Keep notes, and post your progress daily.

  • A: Act immediately. Start today! Stick to your program no matter what. If you slip up, just get up and restart your program. Make getting fit your first priority.

  • Y: You are the key to success. You want — and deserve — a vital, trim, flexible, and athletic body.

Start TODAY… and you will quickly recover the zestful joy of living that you knew as a child. A change of heart (nothing less and nothing more) will help you realize fitness beyond your wildest dreams. Begin TODAY!

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